The Wedding Series By FH Luxury Lagos

The Wedding Series By FHLuxury Lagos

The Wedding Series By FHLuxury Lagos

 A Style Guide For Her 

The wedding series by FHLuxury Lagos will help guide you plan your outfit for any wedding. This festive period is here and naturally comes with a lot of engagements. From weddings to anniversaries this season is full of memorable occasions and the style team at Florence H Luxury would love to guide you to ensure that you don’t look back and wish you wore the appropriate outfit. Don’t we all have such memories already? Lol.

The focus on this article is Weddings! Weddings are a big deal in every part of the world. As a guest it is important that you are properly guided on how to dress to weddings especially in the event that there’s no dress code. Below are 4 helpful tips that gives you a standout and perfect look as a wedding guest.

  • Berry Chiffon Off Shoulder Midi DressThere’s a huge gap between attractive and vulgar, it is important that the pieces you wear to weddings are not too revealing. For example, when a dress is too short and considered indecent especially around a minor. Stay clear of eccentric structured garments that can be very busy. Also, avoid distracting pieces, there’s a gap between well detailed pieces and distracting pieces . For instance, wearing a large voluminous ball gown to a wedding! (Except it is the theme/dress code for the wedding).




  • Monochrome Lace Guipure Midi at Florence HOpt For Clean Hues and Pastel: Stick with colors that are welcoming and not very bright overwhelming colors e.g Neon Green, Pink etc. Instead consider subtle welcoming shades like pastel yellow, pink ,nude, blue, etc. Another thing to note is white dresses, wearing white dresses to weddings can be very tricky, you don’t want to be confused for the bride or maid of honor. Make sure your white outfit is not in any way bridal! Little black dresses are also a great statement piece for weddings, glam the outfit with statement pieces and you are ready to go! In the words of Karl Lagerfeld “One is never over-dresses or under dressed with a little black dress”. 






  • self portrait sequin mini fh luxuyAvoid Sequin Ensembles: Wearing sequin pieces may be distracting and could take away focus from the bride( I’m sure we don’t want that)However, Sequin pieces can definitely be worn to the after party or other post wedding activities later at night. , denim, casuals etc. (Sequin)






  • Lastly, this is quite easy. If there’s a dress code for a wedding, please try to fit in.

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the wedding series by fh luxury

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